Monday 19th feb 2018

People often are crazy and now days fitness freak. All have their own vision and healthy tips to talk care of their health. We as escorts also have to take care much of our health and the fitness, we escorts have a major focus towards the fitness because fitness is something which makes up and brings the attraction to us to our clients. Being fit is the reason so we can ensure and also stay fir thus our body and also the stamina to steps up. It is with also the fitness parameter, that a client chooses escorts which they like. As I’m a Mumbai Independent escort, I have to take much of care into it.

I wish to share a story with all of you my folk readers. As all usually day I got up in the Morning and start towards my jogging. I used a different ah for jogging. Meanwhile doing or going through my jogging, suddenly my hairclip falls down, but I didn’t know that after a couple of minutes I would here someone coming behind me for a long time. It seemed to me like he was following me. I stood up upfront in front of him suddenly and looked at him. I asked him why he was following him for a couple of minutes. He smiled dazzlingly and then gave my clip and said this is why I was following you. After that, he went away.

After that, meeting him while jogging was regular. Later on very soon we become friends and started chatting and talks on calls. He was a muscular guy with pretty looks and good heighten. Our calls and messages were getting very frequent and very addicted and close to each other. We finally decided to meet over a cup of coffee.

As the day arrived, we planned up to meet in the evening. I dressed up in black top and black shorts. He came to my apartment to pick me up in his bullet and praised me as gorgeous u looking. We started our way and while he was driving he got to be felling of naughty and he started purposefully giving break in the front wheel so that he gets a soft touch of my boobs. We went o a coffee shop and had coffee and had some chats he held my hands kissed my hands suddenly and praised me for my beauty. I was like in nine clouds.

Later on, we went near a beach. We sat on the rocks and holding my hands he was feeling very cool and happy. He also was touching my ass and I too accidentally touched his penis. It was like a strong rod. After he got hot he suddenly touched me and kissed me. I was like not knowing what to say or do. That was mind-blowing moment.

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